Mark B. Fleming has been a professional artist for over 30+ years. Mark expresses “…I try to live and breathe my life as an artist because it is a passion to me. It’s through this passion that I love details of imagery in everyday life, especially people. My eyes thirst for the details that could be a small curve in the lips of a person’s smile, a stance, pose or the way light falls across a face or body. It is these details that help develop an image from just being a person to becoming a work of art”.

In this website you will find a few galleries of Mark Fleming’s artwork from portraiture, figure/anatomy paintings, mixed topics of subject matters and art for sale that has been created from a variety of mediums. Mediums like oil and acrylic paints, markers, charcoal, pastels to name a few.

Mark wants to create art for you. The process is simple to get started. Email Mark or call 615.260.0885 to discuss your artistic wants and needs. If it is a portrait you are looking for you have choices of working from a photo or the live sitting paintings. If it is custom works for your office wall or home, the experience is here.

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Customers are Saying

Absolutely breathtaking! Based on information I gave Mark on what I wanted, Mark painted an original oil painting that was beyond my expectations. Mark is a great person and the whole process was easy as can be. I highly recommend him.”

Michael Kristof

“When I commissioned Mark Fleming to paint this very special gift for my fiancee’s birthday, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I had never commissioned an artist before…When I received the painting I literally cried for several minutes. Months later when I gave him the gift for his birthday, he said ‘it is perfect and captures my home memories exactly’. ”


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Many of the art pieces found on this site are available for sale. Although the majority of art are one-of-a-kind originals, other art is available as print reproductions. Of course, if you’d like a special piece created just for you, please contact me. Thanks!